Relief, recovery, and resilience — coordinated

NYC:Prepared is a coalition of technologists and local leaders working together to co-create a world-class disaster relief and community resilience software solution for New York City. All of our software is free/libre/open-source.



New York City’s nonprofits and community groups don’t have the software they need to coordinate and collaborate on relief and resilience efforts.



NYC:Prepared brings nonprofits, community groups and technologists together to support each other and create a comprehensive set of free solutions.


We integrate open source platforms used by the world’s most effective government agencies, humanitarian organizations and media companies to create a solution that meets the needs of organizations and networks.


We train local community leaders and relief professionals to use our cutting edge tools — and help those users communicate their needs to our software developers, who expand functionality and improve usability. The result is rapid capacity-building for participating nonprofit organizations and rapid innovation for connected software projects.

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The Open Source Advantage

All of our software tools are free, libre, and open-source. That means our local community — rather than commercial third-party software vendors — has complete control over our software and data. This results in better security, more flexibility and much lower operating costs than proprietary solutions. Best of all, our systems benefit from contributions from software developers around the world — and they benefit from our improvements, too.



Organizations involved in coordinated relief and resilience work in NYC can receive free websites and access to our world-class information management solutions as well as subsidized services from our trusted technology partners.

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