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NYC:Prepared is a coalition of technologists and local leaders working together to co-create a world-class disaster relief and community resilience software solution for New York City. All of our software is free/libre/open-source, and all of our techniques are documented and freely available. This approach enables any community in the world to deploy our tools and techniques without any restriction or fees.


nycpstructureNYC:Prepared is currently led by an operations team that is coordinating the initial roll out of software products and providing services to relief and resilience groups in the New York City area.

Once the initial suite of software products is launched, the operations team will hand strategic decision-making functions off to a steering committee composed of local leaders, operations team members and our software providers.

The main job of the steering committee will be to prioritize technical development tasks and help our software providers build the the better experience possible for our users.

More information about the steering committee, partners and advisers is coming soon.


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