photo by Carolina Kroon

Help with WordPress

NYC:Prepared is committed to ensuring that every nonprofit and community group involved in relief and resilience work in NYC  have a stable, attractive website they can use to share news, events and information about their activities.

To achieve this goal, we need help from New York City’s WordPress community.

NYC:Prepared uses a WordPress multisite system to provide basic websites to NYC’s relief and resilieince community. We also help qualifying organizations deploy their own WordPress systems.

Whether you’re a content administrator, a front end web designer, a WordPress developer with PHP skills, or simply experieinced using WordPress, we can help you apply your skills to New York City’s relief, recovery and resilience challenges.

Check out our repo on Github if you’d like to coordinate and work with our open-source technology partners to maintain and extend this website.

Contact us if you’d like to join teams working on any of the websites documented in our directory.

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