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Contribute to our Directory of Human Services


Purpose The purpose of this task is to turn existing resources that contain information about human services available to people affected by Superstorm Sandy into open data that numerous stakeholders can collaboratively edit, update and maintain. Our hope is that this will result in a comprehensive resource that human services professional can use to better… Read more »

Joaquin Sit Rep

We prepared a toolset in preparation for Hurricane Joaquin hitting NYC. Fortunately the storm didn’t hit us but it’s worth sharing our solution which combines Google Drive and Sahana EDEN functionalities to offer the following: Orientation Document Request Queue Contact & Facility Directory Map Activity Report Collective Inbox Check it out About Devin BalkindMail | Web | Twitter | More… Read more »

Community Theme for WordPress Multisite

This post was first published on Erica Heinz’s blog. For the last 14 months, I’ve been working on a major WordPress Multisite theme withPatricia Lutz (PHP / open source developer extraordinaire). Originally envisioned for use merging and replacing various disconnected sites of Occupy, the theme quickly showed its use for disaster relief organization NYC Prepared…. Read more »

Help with WordPress

photo by Carolina Kroon

NYC:Prepared is committed to ensuring that every nonprofit and community group involved in relief and resilience work in NYC  have a stable, attractive website they can use to share news, events and information about their activities. To achieve this goal, we need help from New York City’s WordPress community. NYC:Prepared uses a WordPress multisite system… Read more »

Data Basics Training


Data enables us to turn unwieldy information into actionable knowledge. The tools and techniques of data management have never been easier and more accessible. This training defines data and it’s different qualities, explains how information can be structured so it becomes useful data, and provides tutorials that show users how to use spreadsheets and other popular data tools to document data standards, build directories, make maps and perform other useful functions.

Our Human Services Data Initiative

If you dial “211” almost anywhere in America, you will be connected to a representative at an information and referral system that can give you information about nonprofit services in your area. When you dial 211 in New York City, you are connected to 311, the number for non-emergency City government services. 311 will only provide you with information about government services and does not provide information about or referrals to services run by nonprofit organizations.

Google Drive Training


Google Drive is a popular and free collaborative document editing and file sharing system that integrates nicely with Gmail and other Google products. During this training you’ll learn how to use it as effectively as possible to collaborate with others. This trainings will include how to: Create a Google and/or Gmail account to access Google… Read more »

What is “Data Preparedness”?

One of the main goals of disaster preparedness work is to simplify and support decision-making processes before, during and after an emergency situation. One way to do this is to make sure high quality, up-to-date information is available in an accessible format to a wide range of decision makers, including government agencies, nonprofits, community-based organizations… Read more »

Solutions for VOADs


Nine months ago, I attended the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters Convening in Elizabeth, NJ. It was a fantastic event in which people from over 50 nonprofit, mostly religious, organizations came together to network, troubleshoot the ways they were providing Sandy disaster relief, and discuss how they might better tackle disaster relief challenges in… Read more »