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Blizzard 2015


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Free (as in Freedom) Websites for Your Relief Group

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We know that having a professional looking website that produces standard news and events feeds can be a real challenge, even for the most capable organizations.  That’s why we offer all of our members free websites. Use them as a blog for your relief team, as a hub for your collaborators, or even as your… Read more »

Manage Data like UN OCHA

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NYC:Prepared manages a CKAN data repository.   It’s the same software used by the UN Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affair’s (OCHA) Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) Project to share critical response information throughout the world.  Let’s do it throughout the five boroughs. Our data repository allows individuals and groups to upload, organize, share, preview, host, download,… Read more »

Resource Management by the People, for the People

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Resource management software has been too expensive and complicated for anyone but the largest organizations to use, but that’s all changing thanks to the Sahana Software Foundation’s free/libre/open-source EDEN software, which we’re offering to NYC-based relief and resilience groups free of charge. Use it to manage information about your staff, facilities and assets.  Make official… Read more »